Nature's Stepping Stones

Angela Hanscom, Founder

Angela Hanscom is the founder of Nature’s Stepping Stones and the unique
TimberNook camp programs for children.

Angela Hanscom is a pediatric occupational therapist, with her masters in occupational therapy since 2003. She holds an undergraduate degree in kinesiology and physical education. Angela has treated many children over the years that presented with sensory deprivations, uncoordinated bodies, and behavioral issues that she feels is largely due to the lack of unstructured playtime in the great outdoors and the nutritional habits of our society today.

Angela founded Nature’s Stepping Stones back in 2010 in hopes of re-connecting children to nature at an early age. She started the TimberNook movement in 2013 to share her unique and successful nature camps with organizations that have the drive and the passion to make a difference in children’s lives.