We don't entertain - We empower!

What makes TimberNook programming different from other camps?

Besides the strong developmental background and therapeutic benefits to our camps, I would have to say that we are unique because we aren't in the business of entertaining children--like many camps are custom to doing these days. We are in the business of empowering them. 

We don't dress up in fancy uniforms.

We don't have giant bouncy houses for kids to jump on.

We don't have exotic animals at hand.

We don't offer activities like fencing or horseback riding.

We don't demonstrate explosions or chemical reactions.

We don't talk in especially animated voices.

We don't have activities planned out for every minute of the day.

Like I said, we are not in the business of entertaining. However, we may be found doing the some of the following:

Wading through a slow-moving river searching for crayfish...and hidden treasure

Dressing up as fairies and elves for an enchanted forest party at night, while playing flashlight tag

Building a giant house made out of hay, sticks, and bricks to re-enact the, Three Little Pigs--followed by a visit with some real pigs



Using cardboard boxes and duck tape to create a flying contraption - to later test off of an ancient rock wall

Playing in giant mud puddles while scanning for frogs

Building snow forts using snow, Plexiglas, umbrellas, and lattice

Even though our camps aren't designed to entertain, they certainly aren't what I would call boring. In fact, the children are usually engaged every moment of the camp day and are often exhausted after it is done. But it is a good tired.

They explored, played hard, and tried new things. They were given an environment that challenged them, fostered their creativity, and made them think in new ways. They made new friends and had freedom away from constant adult hovering. They felt free but safe at the same time...always knowing there was an adult right around the corner.

A new sense of confidence is developed and every moment is cherished and stored for later sharing with loved ones. They were empowered! It is one-of-a-kind feeling. Just one more reason why we are spreading TimberNook to new regions; we can't resist sharing this gift with more children.

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