Inspired by Child's Play

It is a very cold day, just hovering above zero degrees. Yet, my children insist on going outside to play. I give in easily, knowing some fresh air could do them good. We bundle them up from head to toe, my little 5 and 8-year-old daughters. They look like little marshmallows by the time we are done. They go outside and I expect to see them come back in within twenty minutes tops, it is so cold outside! 

My daughters don’t come back inside in twenty minutes. I’m shocked. I look outside to see them making a giant snow tunnel. They eventually come in, but much to my surprise--it is only to get some supplies. “I need some umbrellas,” my oldest daughter states. “Umbrellas?” I ask her. “What for?” She looks at me with a wide grin on her face, “you’ll see…” 

A while later, they shout out for me to come outside. I pull on my winter boots and throw a jacket and hat on. I go outside to see tunnels with umbrellas over them and my two daughters, proud as peacocks, tucked up in their newly built forts. 


They are SO excited. “Look at what we built?” they yell. “WOW!” I say, truly amazed. And I’m inspired again, by my daughters’ creativity. This would make a great winter camp for TimberNook, I think to myself.

A few weeks later, I release the winter camp based on my daughter’s original design, and it fills up in minutes. In fact, many of my successful TimberNook camps were based on things my children have played. We can learn a lot from children, if we take the time to observe them and are open to new ideas.  

Do you have a unique story, where you learned a thing or two from your own children?

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15-Jan-2014 07:09 PM pat ritter

This is so true. I think the best teachers watch and observe children and then make their plans from what they have seen. Camp sounds so much fun!!

21-Jan-2014 10:54 PM Grüße zum Geburtstag

Awеsome post.


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